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'A Window of Sky'

Caitlin Charles-Jones

Making my first collection out of university was a very new experience for me.  I was used to having weekly tutorials, guidance from tutors and peers as well as regular fittings and critiques.  This time I had to trust my judgement implicitly, work to a schedule that was entirely my own and have the confidence to make tough decisions.

In addition to all this, this new collection was different.  It couldn't be a self indulgent exercise in creativity, it didn't just have to appeal to people, it had to appeal to them enough to make them want to buy it.  Suddenly I had to think about balancing my creativity with commerciality.

Surprisingly I found this a really enjoyable challenge.  My aesthetic naturally leans towards the commercial in terms of silhouette, so I decided to balance this with considered fabrications, unique construction and bold colour placement.  And being fiercely organised working to my own schedule suited me rather well.

Working out my knit patterns always hurts my head - but it's so satisfying!

Working without a linking machine meant I had to be creative with my construction.

Hand-made crochet flowers made by local craftswomen.

Making sure the garments are beautiful inside and out.