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HOW IT'S MADE: CC-J Hand Intarsia Jumpers

Caitlin Charles-Jones

My favourite reward over on our Kickstarter Campaign has to be our beautiful slogan knits.  They're made from 100% fluffy lambswool for a soft yet durable finish - these are truly jumpers to live in and will last you many years.

These jumpers are investment pieces and that is also reflected in the price tag - I'm often asked how we justify these prices when people are used to grabbing a jumper on the high street for £25.  So this article will tell you all you need to know about our jumpers and hopefully you will come to love them for more than just their good looks!

Hand Intarsia - LINDA

Our jumpers are handmade in Scotland by a master craftswoman. You read correctly, ONE WOMAN.  Linda is a true artisan who trained and worked in a knitwear factory in Scotland her whole life until the factory was closed down as brands started moving their production overseas.  When the mill closed she was able to keep her knitting machine and now works with small brands.

The intarsia technique is so intricate and time consuming that many factories using digital machinery discourage their clients from using it as it is not cost effective or reliable to knit.  Linda is able to do this BY HAND. Beautifully.

Watch Linda in action knitting our KNIT GIRL jumper.

What makes intarsia so beautiful is that you can create an image within the knit which is as beautiful on the back as it is on the front.  It is seamless and every stitch is manipulated by hand.

Before you even start knitting there is a lot of work involved calculating the stitches as well as the overall pattern of the jumper.

The design is plotted out to scale on graph paper and every stitch and colour change is calculated.  This acts as Linda's roadmap.

The design is plotted out to scale on graph paper and every stitch and colour change is calculated.  This acts as Linda's roadmap.

British Lambswool 

These jumpers are made from 100% lambswool.  We only produce small runs of each design so we source our lambswool carefully within the UK - it's more expensive than buying overseas but we're happy knowing it's been produced ethically and hasn't travelled too far.

Fully Fashioned

There is ZERO cutting involved in these jumpers.  They are knitted to shape for the perfect fit.

Finished in London

When Linda has knitted all the panels, she sends them to my studio in London where they are linked together, washed and finished.

There you have it.  When you buy one of these jumpers you may be paying more than on the high street, but you are paying for a piece where every step of it's creation has been lovingly and closely considered.  You're paying for skills that have taken years to perfect and are becoming increasingly rare.  You're paying for a piece that has been painstakingly created by people, not computers and we promise you can feel the difference.

We only have a small number of these jumpers available! If you love them please head over to our Kickstarter Campaign and pledge for your favourite. You will not only be buying a beautiful piece but will be making a huge difference to our small business.