Roses and Posies!


I’m so happy to introduce two fresh new designs for Spring!

The Rose Jumper is our classic V-neck with intricate rose buds following the neckline and cuffs, while our Posy jumper is our perfect fit crew neck with our most intricate motif yet!


As always the Rose and the Posy jumper are knitted using the hand intarsia technique by Linda in Scotland.

First Linda has to plot the design out on graph paper and calculate every stitch and colour change - both of which she will then manipulate by hand as she knits. Both of these motifs are complex with lots of tonal colours, many factories wouldn’t even offer to produce these designs as they are so time consuming, even to calculate digitally. This just goes to show Linda’s incredible talent and skill.

IMG_4942 2.jpg

Once Linda has knitted the panels they get sent to my studio in London where I link them together (which is the knitting version of sewing them together). They then get hand finished, which involves hand stitching and tying in any loose ends.

Screenshot 2019-02-27 at 11.36.00.png

Next they get a good wash which secures the final shape and also removes grease from the yarn. The final step is then hand sewing all the labels in, giving them a final steam and then they’re good to go!


The making of our jumpers is a long process that relies on people as much as machinery, this is what makes our price point what it is. The idea I’m trying to promote with my brand is buy less, but buy better. These jumpers are made using the greatest skill, attention to detail and yarns of the highest quality; they will last for years and the cost per wear will soon fade into insignificance.