Finding the special in the familiar.  This philosophy is at the heart of Caitlin Charles-Jones.  We work to perfect your favourite, trusted styles and pair them with our unique design aesthetic to create pieces that will excite you, make you smile and that you will want to wear for years to come.


How we Work

We work with the finest yarns as well as surplus luxury yarns.  There are a lot of clothes in the world, so we only produce small quantities of each design and introduce new styles regularly.  Our most popular styles are re stocked to demand, this reduces waste and keeps things fresh.

All our pieces are made in the UK.  We work with a small production studio in London as well as hugely talented craftspeople in Scotland, and everything is finished by hand in our studio in Bloomsbury. 


Knitwear all Year

Instead of producing two collections we have new styles launching throughout the year.  Some are season specific but most can be worn all year round.  Knitwear is really versatile and not just for winter -  and we aim to prove it!



Stylist Magazine


Boden BFC Future British Award Winner

// 2015
Cockpit Arts / Framework Knitters Award

// 2015
Fashion Scout / London Fashion Week

// 2015
Awarded Freedom of The Livery for The Worshipful Company of Framework Knitters

// 2014
Masters Degree from Royal College of Art 

// 2014
Swarovski Crystal Award

// 2013
Diffusion Collection / George at Asda

// 2012
Knitwear Collection of the Year / Kingston University

// 2012
Visionary Knitwear Award / Graduate Fashion Week